W0424 Polypropylene Webbing 100mm Black

W0424 Polypropylene Webbing 100mm Black

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Polypropylene Webbing 100mm Black

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100 metre roll

Black only

Polypropylene webbing is available in a range of colours and is excellent for producing webbing with coloured stripes. It is highly resistant to chemicals and is a very popular fibre.
Polypropylene is relatively inexpensive but has excellent properties.
High tenacity strength is available (Up to 7g/den).
Elongation – up to 25% at break point.
Abrasion – polypropylene has good resistance to abrasion.
Moisture – polypropylene is not affected by moisture. It is lighter than water and will float.
Temperature – the melting point is 160°C. It is not really suitable for high temperature applications. Low temperature resistance is very good maintaining strength and flexibility down to -70°C.
Polypropylene is inert to most common chemicals. This make is very suitable for
chemical resistance applications.

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