Using the Spentex website

Using our website The website is easy to use, and all pages are just 1 or 2 clicks from the main menu. Product search You can search for any product using our product search bar (3 characters or more). You can enter a stock code (or partial stock code), a keyword or phrase. For example ‘zip’ or ‘Velcro’. There's no need to press Enter, a product listing will display showing matching search terms. You can them simply click on the appropriate term and [...]

General Data Protection Regulation at Spentex

General data protection regulation. Spentex has been working hard over the past few months improving its data protection policies. We believe our customer data is not only important Spentex, but it's also  equally important to have a good data protection policy in place. To meet the new GDPR standard and to be fully compliant, we have looked at our website and marketing procedures. As we're sure that you are aware, EU GDPR will affect businesses both inside and outside of the EU. Any [...]

Measuring success

From a business point of view, there’s more than one way to measure success. For Spentex, being approached by renowned medical practitioners for our expertise was flattering, but knowing that the result of this meeting of minds was a product that improves mortality rates, well…how can you possibly put a measure on that? The act of measuring is at the core of this story, as it’s why the Spentex Pickworth Rivers Tidal Volume Calculator was created. ‘Guesstimates’ and assumptions. ‘Guesstimates’ and assumptions [...]

Helping to bring comfort to burns survivors

The more specific an item that needs sourcing, the more specialist knowledge a provider must have to track it down. Generic toilet rolls, for example – easy to get hold of. Bespoke components for pressure garments worn by patients with moderate to serious burns, or those suffering from lymphedema – not quite as simple. Don’t worry you’re in expert hands. Our customers worry not; Spentex can pull together orders as specific as they come. We’ve earned our status as an NHS-approved [...]